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Create docker/container images in a Kubernetes Jenkins pipeline

 The challenge is quite simple: To deploy a pice of software to Kubernetes it's necessary to create the (docker) container image in a pipeline. But the solution was not found directly. The most articles found show how to use the docker socket or tcp port to create images but since docker is no more part of Kubernetes this will not work any more. The solution is to use ' kaniko '. Looks like the project is able to master image creation. 1) First install and configure Jenkins values.xml controller:   JCasC:     securityRealm: |-       local:         allowsSignup: false         enableCaptcha: false         users:         - id: "admin"           name: "Jenkins Admin"           password: "xxx"     authorizationStrategy: |-       loggedInUsersCanDoAnything:         allowAnonymousRead: false   ingress:        enabled: true        paths: []        apiVersion: "extensions/v1beta1"        hostName: kubectl create namespace