[dev] Migrate mhus-sop to mhus-rest and mhus-micro

 For reorganisation I split the project mhus-sop to mhus-rest and mhus-micro and parts in the existing mhus-osgi-tools. Now mhus-sop (service orientated platform) is depecated.

The parts to handle rest interfaces is moved to mhus-rest. Why another rest framework? Because this rest is prepared to handle deep rest structures instead of for example jax-rs.

The parts for Operations and Operation providers are moved to mhus-micro. This is the central framework to work with micro services. It's able to combine different micro service frameworks to one interface.

The part AAA and ADB Service is moved into mhus-osgi-tools.

Some interfaces are moved directly in mhus-lib. The tool IdentUtil will return the current ident without big actions.

Before and After - mhus-config:

de.mhus.osgi.sop.jms.operation.JmsRegistryProvider - de.mhus.micro.core.api.JmsApi
de.mhus.lib.core.security.AccountSource - de.mhus.lib.core.security.AccountSource
de.mhus.osgi.sop.api.aaa.TrustSource - de.mhus.lib.core.security.TrustSource
de.mhus.osgi.sop.impl.aaa.util.AccountFromFile - de.mhus.osgi.services.aaa.util.AccountFromFile
de.mhus.osgi.sop.impl.aaa.util.AuthFromFile - de.mhus.osgi.services.aaa.util.AuthFromFile
de.mhus.osgi.sop.impl.aaa.util.TrustFromFile - de.mhus.osgi.services.aaa.util.TrustFromFile
de.mhus.osgi.sop.impl.aaa.AccessApiImpl - de.mhus.osgi.services.aaa.AccessApiImpl
de.mhus.osgi.sop.api.aaa.AccessApi - de.mhus.lib.core.security.AccessApi
de.mhus.osgi.sop.impl.cluster.ClusterApiViaRegistry - de.mhus.osgi.services.cluster.ClusterApiViaRegistry
de.mhus.osgi.sop.api.cluster.ClusterApi - de.mhus.lib.core.base.service.ClusterApi
de.mhus.osgi.sop.impl.adb.SopDbManagerService - de.mhus.osgi.services.adb.SopDbManagerService

And ...

move <karaf>/sop to <karaf>/data


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